What would it be like to have the career of your dreams?
Find out by working with the introvert’s career coach.
“Tomorrow belongs to those who can hear it coming.” ~ David Bowie

Let me ask you a question. Does what you do for a living make your heart sing? If not, you are selling yourself short and you should seriously read on…

I’m Richard Jones and I help middle-aged professionals, especially introverts, transition to a career that truly lights them up by combining what they love to do with what they excel at.

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Career Transition

Make an exciting career move that will leave you feeling empowered and fulfilled

Presentation Skills

Become a compelling public speaker to help you move your career or business forward

New and Aspiring Managers

Upgrade your skills and find your own unique and effective style as a new people manager or business owner

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“Richard is able to really hear what you are saying and ask intelligent guiding questions in a way that gets you to think past your own limitations. He helped me to have an emotional break through in my own perspective of relationships through his authentic presence and his understanding of interpersonal dynamics. He is a compassionate coach who allowed me to find my own answers quickly through his non-judgemental and accepting attitude. It was easy for me to speak to him about deeply personal subjects and feel comfortable enough to see through them. Thank you!” ~ Ashley D.

“I have really enjoyed my coaching sessions with Richard. His friendly and easy manner has really put me at ease and I feel I can be very honest with him. We have very quickly got to the root of my concerns at work and were able to identify smaller, manageable “challenges” that allowed me to test the water comfortably, leading to much better results than I think was expecting.” ~ Susie B.